About Kine

Clean.  Simple.  Kine.

At Kine, our sublingual products are infused with the highest quality CBD and CBG extracted from industrial hemp grown and processed in the USA, contain NO THC, and are vegan and gluten free.  We use NO sugar, NO artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners and test our products regularly for quality, consistency, and purity.  Don’t settle for less!

About Sublinguals:

Sublingual absorption occurs through the tissues in the mouth and is faster and more effective than edibles.  It is not impacted by what has been eaten throughout the day and is the most consistent and efficient method of administration.  Edibles (foods that are chewed and swallowed) go through “first-pass metabolism” in the liver before reaching the bloodstream and an estimated 5x more cannabinoids must be consumed as an edible to equal one sublingual dose.


  • The highest percentage and most consistent absorption method
  • Faster and more effective
  • Estimated 5x more cannabinoids must be consumed as an edible to equal one sublingual dose

Kine Drops are not meant to be chewed and swallowed.  For best results, let them dissolve in your mouth. 

Kine Tincture should be placed under your tongue and held before swallowing. 

Kine products are rigorously tested for quality. View testing results Kine Drops here. Kine Tincture testing here. Kine’s CBD Isolate testing here.


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